How to level up fast on Pokémon Go: love the weaklings, love the grind (2023)

Play Pokémon Go for any length of time, and you soon internalize its rigid hierarchy. On the top are the elites — the rare and high-powered pokémon — and on the bottom, the commoners — low-level and of little interest to most players. However, unlike many people, I can't get enough of these weaklings. I go absolutely wild for Weedles, I cater only for Caterpies, and I'd rather pick a Pidgey than a Pidgeot.

And why? Because these are the pokémon that you need to succeed.

Pidgey Grinding means going hog wild with your evolutions

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You may not have heard of Pidgey Grinding before, but essentially, it's the best way to gain XP fast and level up in Pokémon Go. You grab as many weak pokémon as you can, particularly those that take the fewest candies to evolve, then you crack open a Lucky Egg (which doubles your XP for half an hour), and go crazy with the evolutions.

Each evolution animation takes about 30 seconds, so ideally you're aiming to evolve 60 pokémon during your half-hour XP fest. The best pokémon for this are Weedles, Caterpies, and Pidgeys, as they're all common and take only 12 candies to evolve, but Rattatas, Evees, and Oddish are also good (25 candies for evolution), and you'll probably have enough Zubats (50 candies to evolve) to at least get one or two Golbats on the way.

That’s simple enough. But there’s a bit more to Pidgey Grinding for advanced players. And it involves a bit of math.

The tricky part is working out how many of your pokémon to transfer to the farm in exchange for the candies without giving away so many that you're missing out on potential evolutions. The best tool for working this out is PidgeyCalc — a website where you can just punch in the number of candies and pokémon you have, and it'll do all the math for you.

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The site recommends that you wait until you have the 60 or so pokémon needed to fully fill your half-hour time slot with evolutions, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that's over-ambitious. Grinding is all well and good, but after a while, the monotonous repetition wears away at your soul. Humans cannot live on leveling alone: they need a little R&R too.

Grinding is all well and good, but don't forget to play the game too

I've been collecting low-level pokémon for a couple of days now, and yet according to PidgeyCalc I've still only filled nine minutes of evolution time, netting me 18,000 XP in the process. That's barely enough to improve my character by two levels (I'm currently level 11), but really, I can't be bothered to wait much longer.

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Plus, while Lucky Eggs might be rare, they're not that rare: you get them for free every couple of levels. And double-plus, at some point I do actually want to power up a couple of pokémon so I can head over to a gym and show those Valor / Mystic / Instinct jagoffs a thing or two. (Select whichever team name fits your own personal prejudice.*)

Plus, the sooner I grind up all these Pidgeys into tasty Pidgey nuggets, the sooner I can hit the street again and find more weaklings for my XP pie. Happy grinding y'all.



*Just kidding, Instinct 4 life suckaaaas.


What is the quickest way to level up Pokémon Go? ›

One of the fastest ways to gain XP and level up in Pokémon Go is by Raiding — Legendary Raiding, specifically — a lot. You get 10,000 XP per Raid. That's 20,000 XP with a Lucky Egg and 40,000 XP with a double XP event and a Lucky Egg. Stock up on Premium Raid Passes.

How to hack XP in Pokémon Go? ›

Pokémon GO XP Hack: How to Get More XP in Pokémon GO
  1. Utilizing Lucky Eggs. Lucky Eggs have been in the Pokémon franchise for a long time now. ...
  2. Consistent Raiding. ...
  3. Catch Every Pokemon. ...
  4. Evolve Pokemon. ...
  5. Hatch Eggs. ...
  6. Best Friend Bonuses.
Apr 13, 2022

What is the hardest Pokémon to level? ›

10 Most Difficult Pokémon That Have A Hard Time Evolving
  • Hydreigon. This three-headed Dark and Dragon-type Pokémon is one of nine psudo-legendary Pokémon, named for their power being just below legendaries. ...
  • Goodra. ...
  • Hitmontop. ...
  • Accelgor & Escavalier. ...
  • Malamar. ...
  • Alcremie. ...
  • Runerigus. ...
  • Ursaluna.
Nov 18, 2022

Which Pokémon only take 12 candies to evolve? ›

Pidgey, Weedle and Caterpie require only 12 Candies to evolve. At the same time, these Pokemon are rather common. This leads to the strategy of "evolve batching". Trainers save up evolves to be done enmasse during the effect of double XP.

How do you level up Pokemon without moving? ›

If you are not interested in walking physically, then you can spoof in Pokemon Go. It's an easy escape from playing this game by walking in reality, and you can progress faster than normal in this game. All you need to go it just install the spoofing tool, set your desired location, and start playing.

What is the easiest Pokemon to level up? ›

Pokémon: The 10 Easiest Pokémon To Evolve, Ranked
  • 8 Sentret.
  • 7 Seedot.
  • 6 Wynaut.
  • 5 Weedle.
  • 4 Caterpie.
  • 3 Nincada.
  • 2 Eevee.
  • 1 The Starters.
Mar 5, 2020

Who gives the most XP in Pokémon? ›

Chansey yield huge amounts of Exp. Points when you defeat them, and appear throughout Paldea, the region in which Scarlet and Violet take place. The downside is that they're rare: Though they can be found in many places, you probably won't find them often unless you go out of your way to do so.

Do Lucky Eggs double raid XP? ›

You can use Lucky Eggs to double your XP. They normally last for 30 minutes. You can get Lucky Eggs from event research tasks from time to time, but you'll mainly have to buy them in the shop. One Lucky Egg costs 80 PokéCoins, and a set of eight costs 500 PokéCoins.

Which Pokémon need 400 candies? ›

Swablu is a Flying-type Pokemon that evolves into Altaria (Dragon and Flying-type) after the little bird is stuffed with a massive amount of Candy — 400!

Is there a level 1 Pokémon? ›

From Generation IV onwards, Pokémon hatch from Eggs at level 1 and some Pokémon are available in the wild at level 1 (however, starter Pokémon are still received at level 5).

Why are some Pokémon 400 Candies? ›

The 400s – Four Pokémon families actually require 400 candies to evolve. They are Magikarp, Swablu, Wailmer and Meltan. For the first two, the reason for this is probably just because their evolved forms, Gyarados and Alteria, are quite sought after Pokémon.

What Pokémon is cheapest to evolve? ›

First, amass an army of Pidgeys, which will in turn earn you candy. Pidgeys are among the easiest creatures to capture, appearing in nearly every location, including whatever you designate as your home when you first boot the app up. At 12 pieces of candy, they have one of the cheapest evolution costs in Pokémon Go.

Do rare candies trigger evolution? ›

If a Rare Candy is used on a level 100 Pokémon that evolves by leveling up and currently meets its evolution requirements, it will evolve (without gaining a level). This applies to all Pokémon that evolve by leveling up, not just Pokémon that evolve at or above a certain level.

How do you fake walking in Pokémon Go? ›

Part 4: How To Fake Pokemon Go Steps [Android]
  1. Enable Mock Location Setting on your android device.
  2. Download Fake GPS tool on your device.
  3. Launch the tool and start to fake pokemon go steps.
Jan 4, 2023

Can you trick Pokémon Go walking? ›

Look for any location on the search bar, adjust the pin, and click on the “Move Here” feature. Just enter the number of times you wish to move and click on the “March” button to start the simulation. This will make Pokemon Go believe that you are walking between the two specific spots without actually moving.

Can you get banned for spoofing in Pokémon Go? ›

So, while the waiting period for playing while traveling would depend on the distance you traveled, offenses like spoofing and account sharing would directly cause a ban of more than 120 minutes. Till now, the highest duration of the Pokémon GO soft ban is up to 12 hours.

What is the fastest way to get to level 40 in Pokémon Go? ›

How to level up from 1 to 40. Leveling from 1-40 is fairly simple: Use Lucky Eggs, catch Pokémon, compete in raids, send gifts to friends and battle. Basically anything you do in the game will reward you with XP, but there are some things that grant better XP than others, and for less effort.

What is the fastest way to get to level 50 in Pokémon Go? ›

Level 50 (XP required: 30 million)
  1. Make around 999 excellent throws.
  2. Reach Rank 10 in the Go Battle League.
  3. Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader three times using only Pokémon with 2,500 CP or less.
  4. Catch a Legendary Pokémon in your next five Legendary Pokémon encounters.

What is the easiest Pokémon to get level 50? ›

Meltan. By far the easiest Pokemon to power up is, weirdly, a Mythical Pokemon. Seems weird, but Melmetal is the easiest Pokemon to get to level 50 by a mile, simply BECAUSE it is a mythical. Every Meltan you catch has a guaranteed chance to give you anywhere between 1 and 5 Meltan XL Candy.


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