Pokémon's Anime Hints That Team Rocket's Jesse & James Are Here To Stay (2023)

The last few episodes of Pokémon Journeys have given reason to think that while Ash goes away, Team Rocket may yet remain a part of the series.

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Pokémon's Anime Hints That Team Rocket's Jesse & James Are Here To Stay (1)

While Ash may be stepping away from the Pokémon anime, it's starting to look like fan-favorite characters Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket could be staying on for the new series.

The Team Rocket trio first appeared in the second episode of the series, and have been a part of the show longer than any characters other than Ash and Pikachu. While Ash has had many traveling companions over the years, Jessie and James have been a constant fixture of the series. While their "Team Rocket blasting off" bit eventually grew old, the anime has taken to doing more with these characters, often focusing on them while they attempt to do things that don't involve Ash at all, or just living their lives, such as when the team took on part-time jobs in Alola and even earned Z-crystals on their own. The most recent series, Journeys, even had Jessie and James traveling to other locations, taking them out of Ash's proximity.


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Continuing that trend, the last few episodes of Journeys have featured a post-credits segment called "Team Rocket Expedition Which Stands by the Evils of Love and Truth," focusing exclusively on the trio, which began after Ash's big victory at the Pokémon World Coronation Series. Jessie, James, and Meowth are sent to Paldea, the new region from Scarlet and Violet, and over the course of three shorts, encounter each of Paldea's starters: Quaxly, Fuecoco, and Sprigatito. They are unable to capture any of them, however, with each short ending in the featured starter getting away.

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Team Rocket in Paldea to Stay?

Pokémon's Anime Hints That Team Rocket's Jesse & James Are Here To Stay (2)

Paldea, of course, will be the setting of the new anime series and home of its new heroes, who were first shown to the world standing alongside the three starters. It's interesting that the anime would break Team Rocket away from Ash at this point and send them to a completely new location just for these three shorts. It seems likely that this is being done to set up a transition away from Ash, offering Team Rocket a chance to encounter the new protagonists and develop a rivalry with them. Bringing over fan-favorite characters like Team Rocket would certainly do a lot to endear the new anime to fans, confirming that the new series still takes place in the same world. Having a constant feature like Pokémon's Team Rocket, even if they aren't the protagonists, helps the overall anime to feel coherent. That doesn't mean that Team Rocket need to appear in every episode, as was often the case in the past. Team Rocket could be used sparingly, showing up only when it makes the most sense to, like when a big incident draws the new heroes' attention.

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While it remains up in the air whether Team Rocket (or any aspect of the old Pokémon anime) will continue over to the new Pokémon anime series, they have set up a convenient way for these characters to reappear at any time by leaving them in the same location.

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Does Jessie get pregnant in Pokémon? ›

3 Happily Ever After. In one manga release, the two are shown in a romantic relationship, eventually leading to them getting married and Jessie getting pregnant. Many fans were upset over this decision, given that throughout the series, there had hardly been any hints that the two had feelings for each other.

What Pokémon do Jessie and James use in the anime? ›

James battled and weakened the Shellder and just as he was about to throw the Pokéball, Jessie got in the way and captured it. Shellder wasn't used for battle, but instead was used on Professor Westwood's Slowpoke in order to evolve it into Slowbro, a Pokémon that Jessie & James were hoping to own and use.

What do Jessie and James say when they blast off? ›

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation! James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

How do you get Jessie and James to spawn Pokémon? ›

If you want to battle Jessie and James, we recommend checking Pokémon Go every time a new Rocket balloon is meant to spawn. This occurs every six hours, with a starting point of midnight, and make sure you wait a couple of minutes in case the balloon doesn't automatically appear.

Will Jessie marry James? ›

10 Jessie & James Get Married & Have Children In The Manga

In a manga titled The Electric Tale of Pikachu, readers get to see Jessie and James explore a romantic relationship together. They even get married and have kids together.

Are Jessie and James 15? ›

A special promotional CD for the anime reveals that Jessie and James are in their twenties as of the second episode of the series, which is a little jarring considering that Ash himself is only ten. Curiously, the video games make Team Rocket's cohorts the same age as the protagonist.

Who is James girlfriend in Pokémon? ›

Holy Matrimony! Jessebelle (Japanese: ルミカ Rumika) was the woman appointed to be James's fiancée by his parents, and a recurring character in the Pokémon anime. She is particularly wealthy and also a doppelgänger of Jessie.

Who is James crush in Pokémon? ›

In the episode, “The Treasure is all Mine,” it's revealed that child James did once have an interest in Jessebelle before finding out about her personality.

Who is Jessie crush in Pokémon? ›

In Crossing Paths, it was revealed that she had a crush on a boy she had gone to school with, named Astin, who was leaving to become a Pokémon Coordinator, and who has a current-day counterpart with a similar name. She refused to go with him because she and two friends were training to become pop idols.

Do Jessie and James ever call Ash by his name? ›

When they want to refer to Ash individually, they will call him just "the twerp." However, if they want to refer to his friends individually, they will use a variation of this.

What is Ash's last name? ›

Who is Ash Ketchum? Ash Ketchum is the main character of the media franchise Pokémon.

Is Team Rocket a couple? ›

When asked if Jessie and James would ever be a couple, the actors agreed it could never happen, and Meowth voice actor Inuko Inuyama said, "If the two of them were involved with each other romantically, then they wouldn't have been able to work together in [Team Rocket] all this time." While this isn't an official ...

Who can defeat Ash? ›

1) Jessie and James.

How do I summon Giovanni? ›

Equip the Super Rocket Radar, and use that to find Giovanni, who will now have a chance to appear in PokeStops and balloons. It's possible you'll have to defeat Team GO Rocket Grunts disguised as him, so you'll have to win a battle with them before the real Giovanni shows himself.

Does Jessie get a girlfriend? ›

Jane Margolis is a tattoo artist and Jesse Pinkman's neighbor, landlord and girlfriend. She is also a recovering drug addict and the daughter of Donald Margolis, an air-traffic controller.

Does Ash Ketchum have a daughter? ›

Does Ash Ketchum have a daughter? Violet Ketchum is the only daughter of Ash and Misty and is the main character of A Violet in Bloom. She has a fiery personality and can be very kind.

Is James older than Jessie? ›

The subber condensed the point of what James/Kojirou actually says here–his sentence when translated literally is more like: Jessie: You're ten years too early. James: And us, your elders, are five years too late.

What age is Misty? ›

10 How Old Is Misty? Although it isn't brought up very often, Misty, like Ash, is a perpetually 10-year-old Pokémon trainer, though her wisdom in battle is well beyond her years owing to the fact that she is also a gym leader.

What age is Ash? ›

Ash Ketchum's Age

According to Ash's profile in Pokemon Journeys, Ash is still 10 years old, which has not changed from when he first debuted in the anime. This age has been confirmed in almost every iteration of the Pokémon anime, and no matter which series he's in, Ash is always 10 years old.

Are Jessie and James siblings or dating? ›

Are Jessie and James siblings? Despite their tandem work and ability to quickly and easily find solutions to just about any obstacle thrown at them, the pair aren't related in any way.

Who is James Dad Pokémon? ›

James's parents
James's parents in Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl
Anime debutHoly Matrimony!
English voice actorFather: Adam Blaustein (4Kids)/ Marc Thompson (TPCi) Mother: Megan Hollingshead (4Kids)/ Eileen Stevens (TPCi)
Japanese voice actorFather: Kiyoyuki Yanada Mother: Mako Hyōdō
6 more rows

Who is Misty's husband Pokémon? ›

Misty moved from Cerulean city to Pallet when she found out from her parents that she'd had a an arranged marriage to a boy named Ash Ketchum.

Who is Tobias wife in Pokémon? ›


Did James have a Charizard? ›

Charizard is one of the Pokémon owned by the Pokémon League entrance exam instructor. Its appearance was during the final portion of the exam. James sent it out along with Ivysaur to battle the instructor's Graveler. However, since two against one was against the rules, James was expelled on the spot.

Who is James married to in Pokémon? ›

6 He Marries Jessie In the Comics

While romance doesn't seem to be happening in the anime, James actually does find love and settle down in the comics. Instead of marrying Jessebelle, though, James actually gets married to and has a child with Jessie.

Does James get a gyarados? ›

James purchased his Gyarados as a Magikarp on the St. Anne in Battle Aboard the St. Anne.

Who did Jessie marry? ›

Tony visits her and gives her a wedding gift. After they are informed that the person marrying Jessie and Brooks couldn't arrive, Tony agrees to marry them, as he has a license to do so.

Who is Jessie's mom Pokémon? ›

Miyamoto is Jessie's mother and she cares deeply for her daughter. She also seemed to be close to Madame Boss, taking orders directly from her.

Who is Jessie's boyfriend in Jessie? ›

Brooks Wentworth (Pierson Fode) is Jessie's new boyfriend who later becomes Jessie's fiancé.

Who kissed Ash from Pokémon? ›

Update: In an interview with the Japanese magazine AnimeStyle010, according to a translation on Twitter, the staff of Pokémon XY&Z confirmed that Ash and Serena were meant to have kissed in Serena's goodbye scene.

Is Ash's dad ever mentioned? ›

Ash's dad has never been an active presence in the Pokémon anime TV series or the accompanying movies. While he's mentioned a few times early in the anime, he's mostly a mystery — fans have never gotten to learn much about who or where he is, or why he's absent from Ash's life.

Who is Ashs dad? ›

We will likely never learn the true identity of Ash's dad. In fact, the writers themselves might not even know who he is. His absence is likely because the story being told doesn't need Ash to have a visible father.

Who is Ash Ketchum wife? ›

Serena (Japanese: セレナ Serena) is a Pokémon Performer and a former traveling companion of Ash, who debuted in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!.
Serena (anime)
Serena セレナ Serena
Artwork from Pokémon the Series: XY
RelativesGrace (mother)
Trainer classPerformer, Coordinator
8 more rows

What is Ash baby name? ›

Ash is a gender-neutral name derived from the Hebrew title Asher, meaning “happy.” Nature lovers may also recognize this arboreal title from British origins, relating to the verdant ash tree. The Vikings and Gaels considered the ash tree a symbol of protection believed to preserve the purity of holy wells and springs.

Who is Goh's first Pokémon? ›

Praising its skill, Goh changed his mind about Mew and instead caught Scorbunny as his first Pokémon. After returning to the Cerise Laboratory, Goh introduced Scorbunny as his first-ever Pokémon to Professor Cerise.

Does Team Rocket break up? ›

The Team Rocket trio disbands, but eventually gets together again.

Are Team Rocket siblings or dating? ›

No. They're just partners-in-crime; Jessie's mother was a Team Rocket Grunt named Miyamoto, who was assigned by Madame Boss (Giovanni's mother and the former Team Rocket Boss) to find Mew.

Is the Team Rocket evil? ›

Team Rocket (Japanese: ロケット団 Rocket-dan, literally Rocket Gang) is the villainous team in pursuit of evil and the exploitation of Pokémon. The organization is based in the Kanto and Johto regions, with a small outpost in the Sevii Islands.

Will Greninja return to Ash? ›

Will Greninja return to Ash's team in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys. The short answer is no, he will not return. As shared by another user on Twitter, Ash's team has already been confirmed in publications hyping the Pokemon Journeys episode.

Why did Ash let Greninja go? ›

Plenty of the Giant Rock's roots remained underground, which would prove to be disastrous if left alone. When Z2 requested that Greninja and Z2 aid it in tracking down the remaining roots, Greninja's strong sense of duty kicked in, prompting Ash to let his companion go off on its own path.

Can Ash defeat Cynthia? ›

Ash Ketchum has achieved a new milestone in the anime “Pokémon Journeys” by defeating the legendary Sinnoh champion, Cynthia.

Are Jessie and James evil? ›

On several occasions, Jessie, James, and Meowth have shown that they are not all evil and even have displayed a degree of affection for Ash and his friends. The trio heroically sacrificed themselves to what they thought was certain death in The Power of One in order to allow Ash's escape on Lugia.

Can James be Jack? ›

Jack is a given name, a diminutive of John; alternatively, it may be derived from Jacques, the French form of James or Jacob. Since the late 20th century, Jack has become one of the most common names for boys in many English-speaking countries.

Is James hair purple or blue? ›

(One has to wonder if they have feelings for each other.) James has stated that his hair color is lavender, not blue, in Numero Uno Articuno. But in his debut appearance until the events of the Silver Conference of the Johto league, his hair is periwinkle before it was changed to lavender.

Does Giovanni give an egg? ›

Rewards for defeating Giovanni in Pokémon GO

Trainers have the opportunity to catch the Legendary Shadow Pokémon used by Giovanni at the moment of defeating him. Giovanni does not drop Strange Eggs as a reward, regardless of open egg inventory slots.

What is Giovanni's next legendary 2022? ›

Shadow Latias – April 2022.

What is Giovanni's current legendary? ›

Giovanni's Pokemon lineup changes every now and then, but the current star of his team is Shadow Registeel, which you'll be able to catch if you manage to defeat him.

Who is Jessie crush in Pokemon? ›

In Crossing Paths, it was revealed that she had a crush on a boy she had gone to school with, named Astin, who was leaving to become a Pokémon Coordinator, and who has a current-day counterpart with a similar name. She refused to go with him because she and two friends were training to become pop idols.

Who does James marry in Pokemon? ›

6 He Marries Jessie In the Comics

While romance doesn't seem to be happening in the anime, James actually does find love and settle down in the comics. Instead of marrying Jessebelle, though, James actually gets married to and has a child with Jessie.

When did Jessie lose her baby? ›

Back in November 2021, Jessie shared she had suffered a miscarriage. "I decided to have a baby on my own. Because it's all I've ever wanted and life is short," she wrote on Instagram.

Are Team Rocket dating? ›

Are Pokémon's Jessie & James A Couple In The Anime? Unlike The Electric Tale of Pikachu, the Pokémon anime never shows Jessie or James outwardly expressing romantic love for one another. Despite this, fans point to several episodes with hints they're in love: Training Daze!

Are Team Rocket in love? ›

No. They're just partners-in-crime; Jessie's mother was a Team Rocket Grunt named Miyamoto, who was assigned by Madame Boss (Giovanni's mother and the former Team Rocket Boss) to find Mew.


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